- Titties

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November 12, 2015


I thought that I knew real love

Till you showed me something I never dreamed of
And now baby my eyes are open wide
I really like the size of your (of your...)

Oh my gentle Jesus, do you see those dawg?

Me and Tecca Nina, we love those hoes
There's something bout our shows, make 'em take off their clothes
Like DWAMN! Look at those tig old bitty pretty ones
Itty bitty titty committee could even kick it with me
They showin' cleavage and they flashing headlights
They drinkin KC Teas to get they heads right
Oh I love more than the areola
I love the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder
Then I could show ya better than I can told ya
(Okay!) Baby be goin' but she coming to
Make me wanna chew through
All that's in front of you
(Hey!) Pink ribbons represent 'em

I'm in awe ya bra, and I'm loving what's in 'em, now

Talkin bout, TITTIES!
Go on pull 'em out, TITTIES!
Everybody like, (What?) TITTIES!

Y'alright! TITTIES!
Everybody! TITTIES! Okay!

Mister Areola be all around the world
And I rap so good that I fondle them big titty girls
I make her wanna slither, the N9nna blow her mind
She know when I get to drinkin, I'm gonna give her overtime
I see so many titties when I'm touring in Tulsa
They show me cause they dream of me cause I'm on her poster
She fine enough she'll get a chance to get a little closer
Then I'm gonna be in her belly like a motherfucking ulcer
She can't fit 'em in Victoria's Secret

Cause baby is an H, so her cups is the deepest
If you with your girl and she walk by, can't act like you don't see shit
Not only you, but your lady gonna ask her, "Yo, can I peep it?"

Ooh, yum yum, I got a problem cause I gobble 'em up
Break me off good cause I be slobbering
Like to bend 'em in all these different positions
I just want 'em to give 'em up
And all be looking delicious and tonight they tryin' to turn it up

(Kali Baby!) So let 'em crank it up a notch
Lifting up they tops is how they showing thanks, so thanks a lot
So yeah, you're hot, wanna shake the spot
I got a 34 double D'er, and tell her come he're

You poppin' out of your double D(Chyeah!)
Knockers 'bout to come cuddle me
Watching out, cause my cock is 'bout to be
Hoppin' out to come trouble she
I'm gonna be your whore pet
Ironic like Alanis Morissette
She know that I want her to take her bottoms off
But keep on the beautiful corset (Chyeah!)
If you got 'em, go on and take 'em out like bada bing
Titties, coochie, I'll take anything madam bring
There's not a thing I love that she hadn't gleamed
Yo, when God made Eve what you think the first thing Adam seen?

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