- Bring On The Music

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April 7, 2016


(Got something to say)

People I woke up this morning
I thought it was just a dream
another real good friend of mine
lost his way it seems
shook my head and wondered
what's happening to all my brothers
made me stop and realize it's time to love one another
(it's time to love one another)

So, bring on the darkness
tonight is gonna be our friend
bring on the crowd
we're all family in the end
bring on the smoke and mirrors
spread a little love across the night
and bring on the music
everything's gonna be alright
(Gonna be alright)

Thought I heard a stranger calling out my name
wasn't so loud just so nice and plain
made me ask myself and wonder
is it my time
but I got so much to live for
(so much to live for)


People when I lay down this evening
at the end of a long hard day
I don't want to be another brother
that's lost his way
I want to look around me
and cherish everything I see
I want to look behind me
and know this is my destiny
I want to keep rejoicing
till I said all I got to say
and when my voice is gone
wanna pick up my guitar and play
(wanna pick up my guitar and play)
(oh, pick up my guitar and play)



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