- Until I Fall In Love Again

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April 25, 2016Fixed by Jose De Torres Contreras and 2 more


Look at me like a crazy fool
Comin' here callin' on you like this
Just like we never said goodbye
I know it's late but your memory
Keeps comin' round
And just wont let me sleep
Just one thing
I'm askin of you
Just one thing that I need

Untill I fall in love again
Would you hold me in your arms
'Coz the nights can be so long
Spending them alone
I need you to hold me
When I cry
Through these lonely times
'Coz every now and then
Untill I fall in love again

Don't get me wrong, try to understand
'it's times like this I just need a friend
That's what you've always been to me
Though our love has come and gone
Would you mind if I live on till I'm strong
Here I am with my heart in my hand

Beggin' you to help me hold on...
Every now and then
Untill I fall in love again...

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