Downstairs, halfway dead.
Suckin' down coffee from a black ol' fountain
Is your home where
you lay your head? Or where your fake swordfish is mounted?
Eyes crossed; habitually I would leave the room pre-maturely.
With a tiny little pile of dark roast grounds where I once stood
Just enough there to keep me safe
Rained-out, wrapped right up in our metaporical overpriced ponchos
Endless rides home, circling the block for the whisper of a word we didn't know how to use in a sentence.
Saw you, went home,
drank myself silly in the basement alone.
And the spiders were showing off their sense of humor on the ceiling
Spinning letters together, I read "we keep you safe."
Lost art, lost boy, watching a grown man drinking to 11 and 11 A.M.pire.
Old joy, but everything is changing even faster than it was back then.
You hold me, it feels like I am finally closing my eyes after a year and a half long day and I am tired as hell
Listen close, do you know that you keep me safe.

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