- My Praise

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November 30, 2015


The LORD, our God is King of Israel
The Lord our God is mighty
He's full of grace and mercy
He's given us his son, Emmanuel
Atonement for all of our sins
A gift to set us all free

(oh)Let the Lord be praised/2x
With all of my heart I will lift up my voice
Unto you I will sing

Wetin I go give to you (my praise)
Wetin I go give to you (my praise)

Oh Lord, my God you don make me better
You never let me suffer
I'll praise your name forever
As time, but God my life just dey better
Your love dey make me wonder
My mouth no go tire
For the Lord is mighty and great
He's worthy of praise that comes from the heart
He inhabit our offering of praise
Let sing from our heart

(Joy overflows) Joy overflows in my heart
Sing a new song to the Lord
I will praise your name
I will worship him
Glory, Halleluyah
Sing a new song to the Lord

/10x till fade

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