- Bogus Journey

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November 12, 2015


Lyrics to Bogus Journey:
It's all a matter of entropy
While I break apart entirely
What ever might be left of me
Might mean something to someone
Now I'm all out of energy
My mouth can't be coaxed to speak
When you've fucked up at everything
You start thinking that's how it should be

Of all the possibilities
In infinite realities
This one eventuality is something that we share
Across a hundred million miles of space
The right time and the perfect place
A burning hot piece of fate
Has struck my chest and left me breathless

A tiny part of an endless place
So much space
It takes all of us just to hold it up
A tiny mark on an endless page
We leave our names and the rest just turns to dust

Now we're trapped in an endless maze
A tiny part
So much space
A tiny mark
Where we left our names
An endless pace
It takes everyone
Just to hold it up
Who'll find what's left of us?

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