November 12, 2015


Said I'm bumping
Yeah, I'm bumping
Bump, bump on these tracks, tracks
With my friends

I'll tell you something
Nah, it's really nothing
Alright I'll tell you
I think we're coming to an end

Hold on to what got
They say don't ever let it go
That person is a liar
And he's holding all the gold

Dreams I've always had
Have been a little rock n' roll
Like the punchline to a joke
That never really got too old

Hear these people laughing (laughing)
Like, what you think you're doing
What's so odd about a role reversal
Five long years
Now you want to start it over

I'm just waiting on the day
That I get out of this place
Stacking chip so high
Until I'm getting red in the face

This is my one shot
I might not even make it
One things for sure
That I'm just happy
To be doing it with you

Whoa, yeah
I'm just happy
To be doing it with you
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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