- "romance"

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November 12, 2015


And the lamp isn't lit,
And calendars are lying,
And if there's something
You wanted to tell me for a long time,
Then say it.
Any sound is deceiving,
The silence is even more frightening,
When in the very heat of the party
A wineglass slips from your hand.
A hidden drawer,
And the bullet waits in the barrel.
So stilly, that I can hear,
How in the depth
A metro coach is moving.
Regiments in the square,
Darkness at the end of the line,
And in the receiver,
Even after all those years,
There's only waiting signals.
And somewhere a door will slam,
And wires will falter.
We will be happy now
And forever.
We will be happy now,
And forever.

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