June 26, 2016


This is not my town,
This is not my weather,
This is not my bar,
And there's nobody in there.
I got lost,
And I have no gearn
All are frost,
Where are you my dear?

I'm alone in the night.
There's a candle long.
And I see that fire, that line,
so warm and so shine.

Where are you from,
and where have you been?
What's your story,
What's a lit?
And what you do,
Is always new,
If I got new whites,
and you dress in blue.

You're alone in the night,
you're the candle long.
I like to follow you my line,
'til the light of the day.

It's becoming late
It's becoming low
It's becoming what-o?
oh, I feel like home.
And what we do,
is more than new
We bright the night,
sharing the blue.

We're alone in the night,
the same candle long,
and we burn all the high soft tonight
Thanks for fireing on my heart.

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