- Politicians In My Eyes

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November 12, 2015


1, 2, 3 Now!

The number one biggest game
It's when they gain the most fame, it's like a race to the top because they wanna be boss
They don't care who they step on as long as they get along

Politicians in my eyes!

They could care less about you
They could care less about me
As long as they are at the end of the place they want to be
They're always wearing? styles, they like the clothes with those stlyes

Politicians in my eyes!

Always tryin to be slick when they tell us the lies
They're responsible for sending young men to die
We have waited so long for someone to come along and correct our country's law, but the waits been too long

Sure they think they can?, but when they lie on debate
They keep the? at bay
I met a man named Jose, but when they? his?, that's when they have all their fun

Politicians in my eyes!

They're always tryin to confess, just like we don't have no sense
They're just as likely to?, but they don't do stupid things
They'll tell you truth up and down, because you're never??

Politicians in my eyes!

Reaching out, shaking hands
Making friends and other plans
Some will rise, some will fall
Some won't even answer calls
Lookie here, see them fight, see the twinkle in their eye
Politicians tell me why, can't you hear the people

Yeaaaaaaaah araaaaaagh!

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