November 12, 2015


Before you share your manifest
As a contagious sore
I'll play the urban pessimist
You're rotten to the deepest core
It's not a vision in your eyes
As just another brain cell dies
A deadbeat nation with no guide
Hysterical peace-keeping whores

You little barefoot busy bee
You speak of brave new love
You preach of turning back to basics
But there's a laptop in your lap
You'll change the world with tribal dances
And a multy-story modern Zen
What makes you thing you'll save the day?
All that you do is second hand

The stench of change that makes no change
No change at all!
I must confess with no regrets
I cannot wait to watch your fall!

Buried by the light - that swept this modern age Rome
Buried by the light - funeral pyre of what I called home

So now you say you've traveled far
With lots of cash and time to kill
With meanings hidden in a jar
Messiahs made of little pills
You think you are the throne's redemption
Where there's no fear, there are no questions
You hold the keys of misconception
That all you saw was real

Rebel as much as they allow
When time is right, you'll break your vows
Become your parents anyhow
And the mediocrity that they endow

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