November 12, 2015


Don't know if I believe in God but sometimes I pray
Cause the way I was raised keeps me afraid
A scientist who has to have his way
I subsist on a steady diet of shame

I hope I can forgive me
For having the nerve to exist

I hope someone can help me
Make some sense of this

I work a 10 hour grave
From 9: 00 to 7: 00
I can't fall asleep
Until 11 past 11: 00
There's no drug that I can take
That will keep me from being awake
Past my, past my

Truckers are the blood in the veins in the body of America
States are the arms and the legs and the brains and the eyes
There's a disease, spreading from organ to organ
And you are the white blood cell that fixes the problem

You don't know your own power
You don't know what you're worth
You don't recognize your valor
And until you do, nothing you do will matter

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