March 29, 2016


Sitting on the precipice
Between what and who we are
Tenderness in tender hooks
Breathe the last
Someone looks away

With heavy feet and childrens eyes
Trading stories for coffee cups
Swapping insults and [?] and had enoughs

Take only what is natural or naturally synthesized
Spitting with the pacifists
When nothing rhymes
No-ones in time
And it started off with trespassing and grow around our crimes
I tried to steal my neighbours dogs
They didnt treat it nice
Had the saddest eyes

And its about time i ate something
And maybe got some sleep
Every time i try and talk there are screams
And with the memorising numbers for
Stolen credit cards
I steal peoples newspapers from their front yards
To the handles of their cars

And nothing ever happens here until we make it stop
Take stock
Of what we've got
Its not a lot

And i can have everything i need but i don't give a damn for it
I'm broken i'm beautiful and i'm free
And we can shake the shackles off of me
Oh we can shake the shackles off of me

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