- A Little Bitter

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April 3, 2016


How the mind does shout for rest
When the body's shaking me
Oh this tightness in my chest
Still your leaves I'm raking

Oh Lord is this a test
Was it fun creating me
My god's a little sick
Still he wants me gracious

Are you
Who can see
It's ok to live through me

Live to be
Part of me
You're a week old magazine

Was it something that I said
Was it 'are they breaking me'
I'm so selfish paying your rent
While your blood I'm taking

Bend me
Like a tree
Dirty dollar bills for leaves
Dark in a sea
Of my seed
And the tears on which you feed

You feed

The body is a temple
A dormant alter
To where infantile men lie around
Itching and nibbling
Hoping for a small piece of sanity
That which you cannot give


Buying pennies with my soul
And a little heaven spent
While the hell am I taking

Hide from life
You know they'll remember me

They are at war
In self-worth
All that matters much to me

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