- The Bells

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November 12, 2015


You were born, to the echoing bells
Remember where you came from, and all will be well.
You were born to the fences and fireplace homes.
When you thought of love like a permanent thing,
not a flash in a young forever
like nothing would be changing
Face down on the floor,
You said this world would be better for me
A coward transformed the fate, of all that I believe in
All men can flee, but I still believe
The love you left is locked somewhere in me.
Can't change if I stay shut.
Sunlight come,
bring me up.
Can't change if I stay shut
Is this all that I'm supposed to be?
You were born to the bells,
to the strawberry sweet, sugar cookie spring.
When she gave you to the world
She left it in a bright red wrapped box
waiting there for me.
Love the moment, when you're only hoping
For that strawberry sunset, sugar cookie spring.
You were born into your Mother's ocean,
and it's fall of love.

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