- Rock Bottom

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July 13, 2016


This is dedicated
To a Mr. Bream
A Mr. Read
A Mr. Piney
And a Mr. Mood

I've hit rock bottom
Ooh now I'm running away
I've made it babe
Think of what your lover would say
Think in a properly way
See girl, I won't say it
Until it finds me
One day

My mind starts to derange
Distortion to rage
As sight loses its range
As everyones perspective begins to change
Ooh, I'm the same
Just something to blame
Another thing wrong with the game
Watch me as I descend
Into shame
Into shame
Into shame

When your hearts got no more
You're lying dead on the floor
The wounds in your back are still sore
And everyone who watched you
Watched on in awe
But now you see you're nothing but poor
Another lost soul
Never accomplished a goal
Or made a light out of their lives
And they're the ones who pulled out the knifes
Lying there
Oh, like that, everything is gone in front of your eyes
Your handshave lost the grip on their prize
And you've got no more tries
Cause you've lost them through lies
Oh but your lucky this time
And hopefully it'll make you seem more wise
Or otherwise
They'll leave you to your own demise

Cause it's the end of something I did not want to end
Beginning of hard times to come
Something that was not meant to be is done
I guess it's the start of what was

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