- Artifice

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November 12, 2015Fixed by Mar Yano 


Look at me
I am the quintessential believer
I am god's gift to man
I am a shining example
I am the perfect son
So look at me

I can only dream to be all you see in me

I am truly a broken man - lost and slowly losing hope as I lead my best friends to sin
I am a lie
I'm living a lie

And all that's shining through is my incompetence
I have failed
I am this close to giving it all up
I swear to god, I'm not making this up
Just give me your attention
God, why won't you listen?
Won't you listen?
Desolation - I've lived here far too long, I know

I have failed
And still, you care for me
Still, you love me
Still, god, you love me

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