- Hello Sweetheart

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March 24, 2016Fixed by dvirbasino 


Hello Sweetheart isn't it a sunny day
Time to throw your cares away and kiss me
Let's go climbing up into an apple tree
See what all the birdies see and hear them sing
When love's in the air I put dandelions up in my hair
Cause you make me feel like I am free
Boy you are sweet like a honeybee
Hello sweetheart isn't it a lovely night
The moon is shining oh so bright above us
Angels sing whenever you sit next to me
I feel a glow come over me like heaven
When you're in love and the silver moon is shining above
I just want to be here in your arms under the stars lost in your charms
Never thought I'd find somebody I could call all mine
See you're the one for me somebody who'd always be true Darling I do
Hello sweetheart I've been waiting oh so long
For you my love to come along and greet me
See you're my best friend and the one who holds my heart
I knew right from the very start
Hello Sweetheart

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