- Gravestones

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December 2, 2015


Everything I love turns to gravestones
Just know that I miss you
It's so cold, all alone

Everything I say
Falls short, anyway
I'll bite my tongue
And close my mouth
I won't cry
Till the blood comes out

I feel locked out
From the inside
With no room to breathe
And I'm out of time
This home I've built
Is no shelter now
A vacant soul
Tear me down

I can feel it again
There's something wrong in my head
I won't go back to where I've been
Cause the Florida heat
Still burns my fucking skin

Cause I'm a selfish prick
I deserve this
I'm the kid who's always sick
Still sucking down cigarettes
And I made you a promise
That I couldn't keep
Cause I had to work on fixing me
Maybe next year I'll be better
Maybe next year I'll quit

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