January 20, 2016


I don't want to miss you
but I already do
for all I know
it's already in you

every day spent on the couch
Law & Order SVU
it's true, it's truTV
for all I know it's in me

I know sometimes I can't leave my bed
I know I've sung it again and again
I've tried to make a deal with God
it kills me when I can't make you feel loved

she wants to die
by an abundance of strawberries
though we don't talk anymore
that stuck with me all these years apart
and when I want to die
I think about an abundance of strawberries
I will lie down and sleep in strawberries

I know I haven't lived so well
I've tried to own up to it now
I just want to make a deal with God
I just want a better life for my mom

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