November 12, 2015


She caught me speechless,
The words fled useless
Oh, useless
The moonshine, water, her mother's daughter said she did not love me
Oh that's alright,
It's not about me

I won't beat myself up.
She called me then hung up,
I shouldn't of let it ring
A small town living,
She swears soon that she's leaving
Oh, and I've said it myself over and over,
Over and over,
Oh, that's alright, should've left that night

Oh I finally followed and I found her in the ocean from the bottom of a town,
nearly drowned, oh you couldn't keep her down.
The city, it saved her, at least until it claimed her.
She misplaced the lock in a strange arrangement of days,
in a silver city of haze, wouldn't try to find the change.

Finally painless,
She'll make it eventually down to the sea,
And the mess we made was history,
In the dirt I'll be, I wait patiently,
In the dirt we'll be, oh we'll be.

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