November 12, 2015


Classic... classic
I just wanna let everybody know,
That I've been told,
Since the day I first started growing pudes, to shake my ass.
Well guess what?
My ass is fucking tired of shit.
This time it's your turn to wiggle your man junk for me.
I wanna see you shake your motherfucking penis bitch.

God damn,
Look at you,
With your giant cocktapus.
Got a hand full of ones,
To spend a few.
I'm kidding bitch,
I got bills to pay.
I spend my money on my sofa you can shake it for me anyway.
Dude know I'm a g-
That's short for a girl.
Baby show me what your working with and make that dick twirl.
Drop your Thor,
And shake it till it's sore,
I'm a penis' galore,
In this bitch like jersey shore.

Bounce your dick,
On your balls,
Like a motherfucking trampoline.
Do this there
Do this- watch and shine it up with gasoline.
I don't give a shit, that you think you're jacked,
I work out too and got muscles out the wazoo.
Just wanna see that dick,
Bitch I'm talking 'bout your cock.
I don't give a fuck baby bounce it in a tube sock.
Boy you know,
That you like this song,
Now turn around, stick it out,
And wiggle that swan.

Shake your dick bitch, bop it all around, better get your ass thrown down to the ground, and bounce that dick, and bounce that dick.
Better keep that thing moving all around the clock,
Better keep that thing moving till she says stop.
And bounce that dick, and bounce that dick, and bounce that dick.

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